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If you refuse to take your car in for any kind of tune-up or forget about that routinely oil change until that check-engine light flicks on, how long do you expect your car to last? This similar comparison is used profusely by HVAC contractors simply because it’s true. You hardly ever see your HVAC system face to face so don’t feel bad for neglecting it from time to time; we guarantee you’re not alone. UFirst Heating and Cooling’s priority is to help you to never put it off again.

First, what kind of immediate benefits can you expect from your newly tuned-up HVAC system? Have you taken a look at your energy bills lately? When you neglect the health of your air conditioner it will run less efficiently, meaning the energy bill will be higher than necessary. The best time to maintenance your unit is usually in the spring for your cooling equipment and again in the fall for your heating system. Basic home maintenance should be at the top at your list. Plan to change your HVAC air filter every month. Phoenix is dusty so filters can get dirty easily. Inspecting and changing the air filters is one of the most important aspects of HVAC maintenance to have an efficient unit producing healthy indoor air quality.

The purpose of maintenance is to keep your system up and running all season long while operating at top efficiency. Let’s not forget about the long-term benefits, according to Consumer Reports, a HVAC system lives about 10-15 years. Not maintaining your system shortens that lifespan. A well-maintained air conditioner is also less likely to have a big expensive problem down the road. In most cases, when your air conditioner does malfunction, you can bet that the repair will be more than what it would have cost for the routinely maintenance. As you can see, HVAC is an important aspect of any residential or commercial building, it is important to invest some time and money in its maintenance. An important part of preventative maintenance is hiring the right contractor for the job.

A thorough tune-up requires skills, tools and knowledge that HVAC technicians get certified for. Many homeowners cannot complete an entire tune-up themselves. UFirst Heating and Cooling is here for the maintenance that you should leave to the pros. Whether you want to save money, improve efficiency, or prevent a mid-season breakdown, UFirst’s Maintanence Plan is the best value to help you accomplish your goals.

UFirst Heating and Cooling are American Standard Customer Care Dealers. This means we only install American Standard products and equipment because we believe in delivering the best in heating and air condition for your home and/or business. In addition to heating and cooling systems, products like air filters and humidifiers work non-stop to improve the overall quality of the air you’re breathing. American Standard has over a century-long track record of providing long-lasting quality and comfort. To find out more about Why to Shop American Standard click on the link below:


UFirst Heating and Cooling offers low, competitive rates to Phoenix and all the neighboring valleys.  Our expert technicians use only the top quality and reliable equipment with quick, dependable service.

For the most in savings, UFirst Heating and Cooling offers our Maintenance Program to give you immediate benefits and savings! Our Maintenance Program includes:

  • 10% off any repair
  • 15% off any new unit install
  • Priority scheduling
  • Transferable agreement
  • 2 maintenance tune-ups per year
  • 1 year supply of air filters for your home or business free (up to $96 value)

UFirst Heating and Cooling’s Maintenance Program is the best value to help you avoid any expensive future repairs, prolong the life expectancy of your unit, lower your monthly energy costs, and provide you with clean, quality air all year long. Start taking advantage of our savings and benefits today by calling

(480) 626-4753

to schedule your first maintenance tune-up!

On top of that here is a list of discounts you we offer to our local community:


Free Service call with any qualifying AC repair

10% off on repairs for all our active or retired military

10% off on repairs for all of our Senior citizens

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