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a malfunctioning ac in the living room

Is Your AC Unit Struggling to Cool Your Glendale Home?

When your AC struggles to cool your home, you not only pay more for less cooling but also have to live in discomfort. Many things can cause an AC to struggle to cool your Glendale home. The most common culprits are dirty coils and fan or blower issues, which can lead to even larger (and

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a family of four in the living room

Should You Weatherize Your Glendale Home?

Comfort is important but the elements can easily compromise your comfort when at home. This is when weatherizing your home comes into play! But what is weatherization and why is weatherization important? Weatherization, or weatherproofing, refers to how we protect our homes against the elements and increase our energy efficiency. These help keep your home

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portable ac in a living room

Does a Portable AC Unit Make Sense For Hot Rooms?

Every room in your home should be comfortable, but the weather may be a challenge to your indoor climate. A portable AC unit is one way to cool things off. However many people wonder if a portable AC unit makes sense for hot rooms and if it’s up to the challenge.  While a portable air

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an HVAC technician doing air duct cleaning

Should You Have the Air Ducts Cleaned in Your Glendale Home?

It’s only natural to worry about the potential dust bunnies and foreign objects that could be lurking in your air ducts. Many people wonder, “Should I have my air ducts cleaned?” Surprisingly, you will find that duct cleaning is potentially an unnecessary and invasive process that may harm the duct system. Even though you may

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close up of an air conditioner in the bedroom

Here’s Why Your Air Conditioner is Leaking Water

When there is a problem, the water produced by the air conditioner, which removes humidity from the air, starts to leak. If you’ve been experiencing this, you might want to get to the bottom of this issue. Fortunately, we can demonstrate where this issue stems from. The HVAC specialists at UFirst HVHeating and Cooling will

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a woman taking a break and stretching while working at home

4 Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Homes in Glendale, AZ

Your favorite place on earth should be your Glendale home, but that won’t be the case if the air inside your home isn’t healthy. Air quality issues can cause headaches, nausea, and other long-term problems because of airborne allergens. Thankfully, there are 4 ways to improve indoor air quality for homes in Glendale, AZ, allowing

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close up of a central ac

Is Your Glendale HVAC System Making Strange Noises? Here’s Why

You often don’t think about your Glendale, AZ HVAC system till it stops working or starts to run loudly. After all, your HVAC system typically does its job quietly or with only slight background noise that you can easily ignore. But what if the noises are strange, like clanking, rattling, or grinding? As you continue

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Charging a residential heat pump system with refrigerant

Should You Top Off Your HVAC Refrigerant?

When warm weather approaches, homeowners usually begin to feel the need to care for their air conditioning system. This time typically prompts many to wonder whether it’s time to top off their HVAC with refrigerant and whether their HVAC system works properly. Read on to learn more about whether or not you should top off

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Improving Air Quality for Glendale Homeowners

There is a high standard of quality for outdoor air in order to keep us healthy, but what about the air quality in your home? That is something that each homeowner needs to be proactive about fixing.  The best way to counteract poor indoor air quality is to be proactive about maintaining your ventilation systems

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