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Is Your AC Unit Struggling to Cool Your Glendale Home?

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When your AC struggles to cool your home, you not only pay more for less cooling but also have to live in discomfort. Many things can cause an AC to struggle to cool your Glendale home. The most common culprits are dirty coils and fan or blower issues, which can lead to even larger (and more expensive) problems.

Is your AC unit struggling to cool your home? Call our licensed HVAC specialists today for prompt and efficient service.

Outdoor Threats to Your AC System

There are many outdoor threats to your AC system to consider. Things like dirt, pests, weather, and foliage can all impact your system’s performance.


Your air conditioner gets exposed to the elements every day. It only makes sense that it would get dirty. Dirt can clog up parts and slow things down if you don’t make sure to clean your AC’s outdoor parts.


Bad weather, such as strong wind or heavy rain, can impact your AC system. Water can damage the system, or strong wind can blow heavy objects into the unit, which can damage it. After any big storm or bad weather day, inspect your AC for any damage.


Pests can easily make a home in your AC system, which can slow things down and damage your AC. Call an expert to eliminate any pests that call your AC home.


Foliage can also be a threat to your AC. When you have bushes and trees near your AC unit, you’ll have leaves and branches falling into it. This can potentially clog it up or even damage it. Make sure to clean it out regularly if your AC system is next to any trees or bushes.

Why Is Your AC Unit Struggling To Cool?

There are many other reasons your AC could struggle to cool. Firstly, it could just be broken or damaged and need maintenance. In this case, you should call an HVAC expert.

Your system may be too old, and you’ll need to replace it. Your home may not have proper insulation, which could lead to poor efficiency of your AC system.

Helpful Tips When Your AC Is Struggling To Cool

If your AC is struggling, here are a few tips to try. First, you should look for easy fixes like air leaks in your home. If you seal those, you may see some improvement in your system. It may be a filter issue. A dirty air filter can make your AC struggle to keep up. You can change the filter, and your AC may just get a second wind. You can also get additional help from fans or window AC units. 

What Exhausts Your AC Motors?

Your AC has a few motors that keep it running smoothly. When these motors fail, your AC will struggle and can eventually die. Ignored system issues can cause the motors to work overtime, thus tiring them out and wearing them down. Pay close attention to your AC’s function. If the system is overheating or working overtime due to other issues like damage from poor weather, the motors will exhaust themselves and eventually break.

What Can You Do If Your AC is Struggling to Cool?

Our specialists at UFirst will help you investigate the cause of your AC issues so you don’t have to play the guessing game. We offer up-front, flat-rate pricing and never charge overtime fees. 
Contact us today, and we’ll send one of our experts to help you!