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Should You Weatherize Your Glendale Home?

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Comfort is important but the elements can easily compromise your comfort when at home. This is when weatherizing your home comes into play! But what is weatherization and why is weatherization important?

Weatherization, or weatherproofing, refers to how we protect our homes against the elements and increase our energy efficiency. These help keep your home comfortable year-round instead of being susceptible to the elements.

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Why Is Weatherization So Important?

Weatherization is so crucial because it reduces your home’s energy use. It is also important for our health and safety. When our homes are less susceptible to the elements, we are, too.

Weatherization includes protecting the home from wind, sunlight, rain, and snow. When we weatherproof our homes, they require less energy for heating and cooling. Weatherization is essential for people who live in areas with extreme weather, as homes in those areas are especially vulnerable. Places with extreme weather also tend to run higher energy bills, which is another important reason for energy efficiency.

You may have to run the AC constantly in your Arizona home or worry about pests getting in like scorpions. Weatherizing helps cut down on these issues since both heat and pests are very prominent issues in Arizona. 

Weatherizing will also save you a lot of money per year on AC costs alone! You may find that after weatherization, your AC and heater work more efficiently, too, due to the process your home goes through.

How Can I Weatherize My Home?

If you want to weatherize your home, there are a few steps to take to get there. You should build your strategy before beginning the process to get the most out of the weatherization.

Here is the process you’ll go through.

Get an Energy Audit

You should start with an energy auditor. An auditor will assess your home in an energy audit to determine your energy usage. Throughout the energy audit, your auditor will inspect your house room-by-room and assess your utility bills to see how much energy everything is using. These things together allow them to determine where you are losing energy and what you can do to improve it. They will recommend your next steps.

Seal Your Home

Typically, sealing will be your next step when weatherproofing your home. This will stop both drafts and pests from getting in. When you live in Arizona, keeping scorpions out is vital to keeping a safe and comfortable home. This step will help significantly with that.

Insulate Your Home

Insulating is essential to keep your home comfortable and lower the cost of heating or cooling. If your home doesn’t have efficient insulation for your climate, your house won’t operate at peak energy efficiency.

Improve Ventilation

Improving ventilation is important whether you intend on fully weatherproofing or not. Poor ventilation can lead to poor air quality and the growth of dangerous things like mold and mildew. This process may include small or large changes. For example, if your bathroom has poor ventilation, you may need to install vents and a fan. 

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Weatherization is vital for your home. It can improve your quality of life and lower your bills by increasing energy efficiency. In places with extreme weather and dangerous pests, it can also protect you.

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