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Dependable Ductless AC Service

Ductless AC systems are a different way to cool your house than traditional air conditioning systems. A ductless, mini-split system includes one outdoor unit and an indoor unit (typically wall-mounted). 

The two units connected by insulated tubing and wiring are more efficient than any traditional AC or furnace, saving you money on energy bills year-round! Ductless mini-split systems can cool your whole house without having to install a bunch of air ducts in the walls and ceiling.

Are you looking for a ductless AC installation service? Are you in need of AC replacement, repair, or maintenance service? At UFirst Heating and Cooling, we pride ourselves on providing the most reliable and professional Ductless AC Service in Arizona. Look no further, your dependable local HVAC contractor is here for you. Contact us to see how our business can help you!

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Benefits of Ductless AC & Ducted Mini Split Heat Pumps

There are many benefits to having ductless AC or ducted mini-split systems installed in your home.

Easy Installation

With ductless AC and ducted mini-split heat pumps, the installation is very flexible and offers a wide variety of solutions to get AC wherever you’d like within your home. Ductless mini-splits benefit from not needing ductwork throughout the house and instead are installed in each room that needs cooling.

Even the ducted mini-splits are easier to install than traditional AC systems. Due to system differences, the flow of air is driven by inverter compressors that deliver the exact amount of cool or hot air requested.

Energy-Efficient Operation

Due to not having any air ducts, ductless mini-split units eliminate the problem of energy loss and cool air through holes of traditional ductwork. With less energy used than traditional units, your cooling bill will be reduced massively.

Are you someone who wants to see numbers on how much you’ll save with ductless AC? Ask our HVAC contractors about the possible SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating your new AC could get.


With just one outdoor unit, you can cool multiple indoor room air handlers, each with its thermostats. You can operate each independently to have the most control over the coolness in your house. This can also save you even more money by lessening the air conditioning in rooms that may not need it as much as others.

You can use most ductless AC and ducted mini-splits to heat your home in the winter as well! Enjoy a comfortable home all year long with ductless AC and reap the benefits of a properly working AC/ heating system today with our ductless heater service!

Ductless Air Conditioning Services

Here are some of the services to consider when getting ductless AC.

Ductless AC Repair

It’s important to know when your ductless AC needs repair. Here are some of the most common examples of symptoms to look for: 

Ductless AC Maintenance

It’s also important to note the different aspects regarding maintenance to maintain an efficient and working air conditioning unit. Here are a few ideas to consider. An ideal maintenance schedule comes along twice a year. One inspection during the spring to prepare for the cooling season, and a second during the fall to prepare for the winter.

You can expect a few different adjustments during AC maintenance servicing.

You may be thinking that you can go without maintenance as long as your AC is working properly. In doing this, you may find larger issues accrue over a long period, ending in a very costly bill. Maintenance can help prevent this and even actually save you money. 

Arizona's Leading Ductless AC Service Provider

At UFirst Heating and Cooling, we are a locally-owned and operated HVAC company that provides prompt, trustworthy, and efficient services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, and the surrounding areas of Arizona.

Our team of expert HVAC technicians guarantees the best Ductless AC Service in Arizona. We offer an upfront flat-rate service price, and we don’t charge overtime fees, so you won’t have to worry about it! 

For professional solutions for your ductless mini-split AC concerns, trust only UFirst! Call us today and let us take care of the rest.

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