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AC Coil Cleaning In Glendale, AZ

It is crucial to schedule regular maintenance of your home’s HVAC system. Regular maintenance is necessary for the best function of your system. If you do not clean the condenser coil regularly, it could damage your entire HVAC system!

Contact a reputable company for your AC repair, installation, and maintenance needs for optimal results and peace of mind.

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All About Condenser Coil Cleaning

A condenser coil is a component in your HVAC system, also known as outdoor coils. They release heat outside to cool the inside of your home.

Over time, the condenser coil accumulates dirt and debris because of the consistent heat transfer loss. Some cons of this process include cooling loss, costly repairs, loss of refrigerant, and increased energy consumption. 

With the professionals at UFirst HVAC, you can expect premium cleaning services. The condenser coil cleaning service includes:

Why Do AC Coils Need to be Cleaned?

There are three main benefits to cleaning the condenser coil in your HVAC system:

If you notice that the temperature in your home does not match the temperature set on your thermostat, it may be time for a cleaning.

Dirty coils make the unit work harder, which puts stress on the system and can cause further damage. If you hear your unit make more noise than usual, this might be a sign of stress on the unit.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a dirty HVAC system, especially the coils and filters, can increase overall building energy usage by 30 percent. Clean the coils regularly to reduce this cost.

Trusted Glendale HVAC Services

At UFirst HVAC Glendale, we customize our services to your home or business-specific needs. By choosing UFirst HVAC, you can rest assured that you will breathe cleaner air and that your HVAC system will work more efficiently. 

Here is a short list of the services you can schedule through UFirst HVAC:

Our fully insured licensed technicians can help your air conditioning unit run smoothly to cool your Glendale home in the high heat of the summer through air duct cleanings and dryer vent cleanings. 

Condenser coil cleanings should not be an afterthought, and with the professionals at UFirst HVAC, it is not. We provide expert cleaning services with upfront flat-rate pricing, and we never charge overtime. 

We also offer top-of-the-line products that come with your first two years of maintenance for free as well as a 10-year parts-and-labor warranty.

UFirst Condenser Coil Cleaning Takeaway

Here are a few final air conditioner coil cleaning tips to keep in mind:

At UFirst HVAC, our expert technicians have years of experience and extensive training, so your condenser coils will be diagnosed and properly serviced every time. 

If it’s been over a year since your last AC coil cleaning, give UFirst a call today: (480) 626-4753